In our office, we have an old Robotron:2084 machine. For those not old enough (or too old) to remember it, this is it here:


It featured 2 joysticks (one to move, one to shoot) and about a billion enemies on screen at the start of each level. It’s not uncommon for a single life to last only a second or two. It’s an intense and surprisingly physical game (which turns out to have been part of the plan).

The machine itself was non-functional for pretty much the entire time I’ve worked here, but it was brought back to life recently and the entire company has been competing to see who is the Robotronyist — for the record, it’s Eric. But he’s stopped playing since the right (shoot) joystick has started acting flaky, which is giving me my opening to improve. I don’t let mechanical issues stop me (just ask anyone who saw me playing Galaga after the screen died… that certainly made it more challenging).

6809 processor running at 1Mhz and it’s killer fast. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

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