This is what Gates McFadden (the actress who played Dr. Beverley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation) does:

Here’s one more, but really, just head over to Ensemble Studio Theatre LA (where she is the artistic director) to see more. Also you can follow her on Twitter.

Also, I just saw that, quite surprising to me, the two-part cliffhanger “The Best of Both Worlds” (in which Picard is assimilated) will be released as a single 2-hour remastered, re-CGed event and shown in theaters on April 25! It — as well as the entirety of Season 3 — will be released to Blu-Ray on April 30.

Anyway, here’s another cool picture. Now go check out the full set.

I’m honestly not much of a web comic guy. I read xkcd like everyone else, of course, and I had a brief infatuation with FreakAngels (though I have to go back and finish it sometime).

But nothing has quite caught my attention like Questionable Content. Jeph is at 2400 strips now, spanning the last 9-10 years, and I’ve spent hours at night in the last couple weeks getting caught up.

It’s been fun watching his drawing mature, but even if it were stick figures it wouldn’t matter. He’s built a cast of characters that — cliche though it might sound — you really care about. “Yay Hannelore!” I’ve said out loud, to my wife’s confusion.


Oh, also he has great taste in music and I’ve gone looking for a number of bands he has mentioned in his comics and ended up enjoying most of them.

Good work, Jeph. Keep it up, and I’ll be reading eagerly.